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What makes a place the adventure capital of wherever? Swakopmund is the adventure capital of South Western Africa and as such our tour stopped there for two nights so we could get adventurous… Of coarse any overpriced activities booked with the right company earns our tour company a hefty commission and therefore we are encouraged to be as adventurous as our budgets would allow. Despite the strong desire to skydive from a two hour joy flight to a waiting quad bike ready to whisk us away to go sand boarding our budget only allowed for wandering around town, doing a load of washing and having a few quiet ones. We did do some shopping around and managed to find a two hour quad bike trip that we could squeeze into our budget. Nat was going for the 70’s crime fighting quad biker look and I had the 80’s look thrust upon me. We have vids of us catching some fully sick air but still can't seem to lead them... Might be able to post them soon.




We didn’t really do too much research into the Africa beyond when the wet season is. We had plenty of other things to fit in that were a higher priority than the best game viewing times are in southern Africa. Had we done the research we would have discovered that in April (the very tail end of the northern Namibian wet season) Etosha’s legendary waterholes would become superfluous. The news was bad as we drove north from Swakopmund, it had rained heavily the previous night providing abundant water and lush vegetation for the notoriously shy Etoshonian animal population. We also got word that the group that had gone through a week before us had seen zebra. That’s it, just zebra. I mean zebra are pretty cool but for a park that is renowned for close encounters with Elephants and Lions and all the big exciting animals, to only see zebra would suck. We arrived, set up camp and headed out for what was looking like a vegetation viewing safari. After three days in Etosha I think it’s safe to say we got lucky.








I was a little worried I would find game viewing tiresome at times but we were lucky enough to see something cool every half hour or so and it kept things rolling only nicely. There are still a few animals left on the must see list (esp. elephants) but with the Okavango and Chobe coming up next week we should have plenty of chances to spot the crafty animals that have eluded us that far.


In the Late 70’s the Namibian National Parks Service though it would be a good idea to make a Noah’s ark style, come and see it all, game park. The chosen region, the Waterburg plateau, was our next stop. You would think that it would be best to start with an area already well stoked with African fauna but the powers that be opted for the much more scenic plateau. Of course less than decade later the park and all its game viewing facilities were pretty much useless (at least for their intended purpose) as all the animals decided they would prefer to live in their natural habitats. Who would have thought it! Fortunately the spectacular scenery remains and the facilities are great and Waterburg has some of the best hiking in Namibia. We only had the afternoon to cruise around but with our navigator / outdoors guru Rob always willing to push the boundaries of twilight we made substantial ground and got some great views from various points around the plateau.



Namibia has been a blast. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has visited Namibia and those we have met travelling around have all been in awe of all of its varied landscapes. Someone told me the annual tourist earnings for the whole of Namibia is about $16 million. If people knew how cool Namibia is I’m sure that figure would be much much higher and judging by the tourism development I’m sure the word is already spreading. I’m glad we came in low season and I’m glad we came before tourism really takes off. After stopping briefly in Windhoek we set an easterly coarse, bound for Botswana….



Dang! You got shocks, pegs... lucky!
You ever take it off any sweet jumps?
You got like three feet of air that time. …

Lots of love,
Ev and Nat

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Looking good Evan!!! (and Nat :))

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